Midnight Protein

mobilee123 - Ray Okpara - Midnight Protein
Ray Okpara
10 Jan 2014

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If house is a feeling, Ray Okpara has the sensation all the way down to his soul. The Mobilee mainstay is a crowd teaser and a crowd pleaser year after year, teasing the boundaries between house and its sister sounds. After the acclaimed album Good Times became his crowning glory in 2012, Test The Cab is a stunning return to form that showcases Ray's taste for groove and soul.

"Test The Cab" is a patchwork of memorable dancefloor sounds, building on a rising tide of acid lines, juxtaposed with vocal calls and cut-up samples, and woven together with spectral synth chords. "The Mumbling" snatches a bassline reprise and a processed guitar lick, moulding both into shifting melodies and propulsive rhythms, creating a unique tech house workout with micro-minimal touches.

"Midnight Protein" takes fight with some serious percussive swing, adding subtle acid synths to a sultry low-slung bassline, while Andrea Oliva's remix of the same casts off a layer for the staple techy house ingredients of drums and percussion.

Ray Okpara's spirited sound and animated grooves come to life again for this newest chapter of his house music agenda.


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