Chi This Wonder Up (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) (Traktor Remix Set)

mobilee101TRS - Ray Okpara, Rodriguez Jr. - Chi This Wonder Up (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) (Traktor Remix Set)
Ray Okpara, Rodriguez Jr.
16 Jan 2013

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"Chi This Wonder Up" is one of Ray Okpara's darker and more contradictory tracks from the new album. Despite the smoky intro, there's nothing bleak about this number as it meshes perfectly with the rest of the album by keeping the deep and hypnotic groove grounded on the dance floor.

Rodriguez Jr. fluffs up Ray Okpara's "Chi This Wonder Up" in his remix with bouncier bass lines, as well as a few other surprises and samples.

Get your hands on an exciting Traktor Remix Set of one of Beatport's recent Tech-House bestsellers.

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