Satin Curtain

Mobilee 179 - Ray Okpara  - Satin Curtain
Ray Okpara
Mobilee 179
27 Jan 2017

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Ray Okpara is opening the curtain to a new mobilee year full of musical surprises. „Satin Curtain“ is representing his rhythmically intricate music productions built on addictive, loop-driven beats. The kick off release in 2017 is getting remix support by Darius Syrossian and Kevin Yost. Darius had a massive year with his Do Not Sleep events in Ibiza and strong releases last year including his debut on Leena Music. Kevin Yost´s signature sound provided two of the strongest releases on our sister label. So it was about time to get them both on the mobilee train now to contribute their interpretations of Ray Okpara´s "Satin Curtain". Happy new year and enjoy the first 5 tracks of an exciting new year!


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