Mobilee Back To Back Part 2 (by Ray Okpara)

mobilee127 - Ray Okpara, Various - Mobilee Back To Back Part 2 (by Ray Okpara)
Ray Okpara, Various
14 Mar 2014

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Mobilee Back To Back Vol. 8 - presented by Ray Okpara The 2012 Mobilee album, "Good Times", set the mood for the following year as the man behind the big smile and deep hypnotic beats stormed international clubs and warehouses, and blazed summer dance floors basking in his glory. In special preparation for the 2014 Back To Back, Ray Okpara was busy this year remixing and releasing titles such Tripmastaz's, "Lite" and Malte Seddig's, "Downstream Movement".

His latest DJ-mixes from Berlin's Watergate and Mobilee's Off-Sonar Rooftop raked in heaps of positive feedback as well. Jam packed with upbeat party beats and stellar vibes, Ray hand picks 11 eclectic mobilee tracks and mixes for the first CD including, "Rodriguez Jr.'s remix "Chi This Wonder Up", "Work 90", a fragmented mix of "Scenario", "Do You Know", "Surrender", "Work it Out", "Waiting", "Keppler", a remix of the recent "Midnight Protein" by Andrea Oliva, "Virtues" and "Rio". CD2 lifts the curtain, revealing 11 exclusive tracks, remakes und a handful of collaboration tracks with the likes of Nick Curly, Nekes, and Markus Homm. Ray Okpara He came to prominence during the media's 2008 obsession with Frankfurt/Mannheim via releases on Cecille, Oslo, Get Physical and Area Remote.

Okpara has been instrumental in Germany's flourishing house scene for well over a decade. These days, Ray keeps the ball rolling with ongoing events and projects on the Mobilee and Oslo imprints, constant releases, mixes, remixes and collaborations popping up all over the house music circuit and tender love while he continues to nourish and care for his self-founded label, Ama. A social butterfly in his nature, Ray's not the type to lock himself in a dark studio and chain himself to the boards, instead he feels the music and the flow rolls straight off the soul. This patch of soul work can be heard and felt in Ray's Back To Back Vol. 8. Audio CD 1 & CD 2 CD1 represents 2013 which left some lasting impressions as Pan-Pot produced another solid EP titled "The Mirror" while Anja Schneider unleashed "Surrender" and "Rio". And.Id worked it with "Work 90" and newcomers Re.You, Tom Flynn, Geddes, and Tapesh & Maximiljan introduced one-of-a-kind tracks to the mobilee imprint - subsequently all landing on this year's "best of" mobilee selection. Sebo K squeezed out a fragmented mix of the ingenious "Scenario" and Rodriguez Jr. remixed Ray Okpara's beloved "Chi This Wonder Up" while Andrea Oliva remixed his "Midnight Protein". CD2 is jam packed with exclusive remixes, brand new tracks fresh of the press, and collaborations with some of Ray's closest homies such as Nekes, Markus Homm, and Nick Curly. Ray has always been a big fan of Miss Jools' - "Don't Know You" and Anja Schneider's "Diagonal" so when he was given the honors of doing the 2014 Back To Back, he went full-fledged for the remixes. Halfway into CD2, Ray decided it was time for a creative energy recharge session and the South American adventure tour did just the thing - "Yolando & Dreamracing" were born as a result.


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