Do I Know?

mobilee121 - Re.You - Do I Know?
25 Nov 2013

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€7.50 Vinyl 12"

Re.You is back amongst the Mobilee fold with a third instalment of his signature dark and heavy-hitting dancefloor beats. His masterful EP "Mind Your Head" topped the charts in 2012, and this year's drum-heavy summer smash "Anyway" remains a firm DJ favourite, even as the nights get longer and the season comes to a close.

"Do I Know" takes the classic Re.You formula of walloping kicks, freewheeling drums and spacious sound design and reworks it with a deep autumnal mood. The foundations of "Do I Know" are formed around a thick rubbery bassline and clipped percussion before spiralling off into twisted dancefloor trickery; Skewed voices, wonky keys, and a broken breakdown melody. Anja Schneider is adding a completely stripped down remix of "Do I Know" taking the original into another dimension.

"Hurt Me" hones in on jungle drums and whispered voices for the ultimate alternate reality. Sounds and melodies bubble and float as if somewhere underwater, and a heavy bassline helps the track to plunge even further into deepness. "The Whistle" is a deep tribal jam with crystal-clear percussive layers and evocative nature sounds that take it right to the middle of a secret voodoo ritual. It's a haunting trio that affirms Re.You as one of tech house's brightest rising stars.

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