Bittersweet Single - 12'' Vinyl

mobilee084 - Rodriguez Jr. - Bittersweet Single - 12'' Vinyl
Rodriguez Jr.
12 Sep 2011

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As an artist with already a lot of very successful material to his name, Rodriguez Jr.’s debut album „Bittersweet“ is a highly anticipated release. There are in fact many reasons why people should hold their breath for it - an impressive 11 track body of work that features some of the well renowned and loved Rodriguez Jr. sonic traits, as well as a lot of new and previously unchartered musical ground. mobilee084 presents four of the tracks from the album on vinyl for all the collectors out there.

Title track 'Bittersweet', 'Music Don't Lie feat. Cari Golden', 'Massilia' and 'Bagpipe Woman' demonstrate the breadth of musical styles that Oliver Mateau works with in this oeuvre, which is an honest reflection of the artist he has become today. It simultaneously presents techno, atmospheric dub, hypnotic, melancholy and hands down hedonistic music, and with a focus on exploring textures and moods, there is something here for everyone to get lost in.

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