Princess Guacamole

mobilee066 - Rodriguez Jr. - Princess Guacamole
Rodriguez Jr.
17 May 2010

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A highly reputable artist with an equally impressive history as a producer, Rodriguez Jr is a prominent member of the Leena music catalogue. His debut on the imprint "Rubbo Swingo" received rave reviews as did his return a year later for Leena's 11th release, "Kids of Hula". 2010 has already witnessed big things from the Belgium based producer, such as "Jerri Call" with Alex Kid on NRK records as well as a handful of remixes including one for Dominik Eulberg on Traum records and Holger Zilske on Playhouse.

Now that he's warmed up the dance floor with style, it's time for his eagerly awaited debut on mobilee records, "Princess Guacomole", which comes packed with energy ready to get the Summer parties rocking. Title track "Princess Guacomole" features a melodic and jazzy hook set over a driving and bouncy percussive bass. Meanwhile B side "La Guapa" will pick you up with by its hypnotic rift which builds up into a frenzy, whilst the digital exclusive serves as the anti-thesis with a deep house rolling percussive bass line and vocal. It's an amazing debut for Rodriguez Jr on mobilee ... enjoy!

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