Rubbo Swingo

leena04 - Rodriguez Jr. - Rubbo Swingo
Rodriguez Jr.
3 Mar 2008

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€6.00 Vinyl 12"

After Holger Zilske (aka Smash TV), Catz n’ Dogz and Paul Brtschitsch, mobilee’s new offshoot label Leena Music - designed for guest appearances only from respected producers world-wide - presents its fourth release since the label’s beginning in June 2007: Rodriguez Jr. with the ‘Rubbo Swingo’ EP.

The first track, „Rubbo Swingo“ jacks in with a heavy and rolling bottom-line, cut up with mind-bending spacey synth details. Designed for lateness/designed for loudness. The second track, „Soledad“, steps in with marching beats and lets a jazz inspired melody take hold as it draws you into the trippy deepness.

Rodriguez Jr. is also known as one half of french dance act The Youngsters, signed to Laurent Garnier’s F-Com - releasing the albums ‘Lemon Orange’ in 2001 and ‘the Army of 1-0′ in 2004, as well as a plethora of EPs.

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