My Love

mobilee096 - Safeword - My Love
30 Jul 2012

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Written and produced by Clint Stewart and Marc Smith in the Outer Sunset, San Francisco, CA. Mixing and engineering by Tassilo Ippenberger. Published by mobilee publishing.

After remixing Pan-Pot's "Gravity" earlier this year, San Francisco sound duo Clint Stewart and Marc Smith are back on the mobilee imprint together as Safeword on the 96th release. The 3-part EP is a soulful beat-ballad musically defining the three most present phases of the evolution of human love.

The self-titled track, "My Love" solely dominates the A-side as it realizes the most intricate and dominating period of love within one's life span. Symbolizing the importance of this phase through passionate vocals and consistent beats, this is one hot and heavy number not to skip.

On the B-side are two tracks representing the two phases preceding and following "My Love". "Double Dutch" takes shape as the second track commencing a more innocent and blissful love phase during the early years of the life span. Like much of one's childhood, the track progresses quickly with rapid beats and devotional lyrics. Appropriately ending the set is "Be The Light", a beautifully tragic piece with both powerful and euphoric elements navigating us through the later phase in the evolution of love.

Safeword embodies the very essentials of key musical genres such as hip-hop, RnB, new wave and contemporary dance music. With a strong desire to produce unique numbers, Marc and Clint capture the soul behind these bits of music and mold them into one cohesive sound.

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