Sebo K - Back Up Vol. 1

mobileeCD02 - Various Artists - Sebo K - Back Up Vol. 1
Various Artists
21 May 2007

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€9.99 Compact Disc

The old is the new is the now: mobilee records begins an important new phase with the release of Back Up Vol. 01, the first installment in an ongoing series of mixed CDs from the Berlin label. mobilee mainstay Sebo K is the man behind the controls on the series debut, and what he’s spun up might surprise you.

In its two dozen releases so far, mobilee has earned a rep as one of minimal music’s most forward thinking labels, thanks to a consistently crystalline palette and an unwavering attention to the groove. But a deeper, housier impulse has lurked in the shadows, coming to the surface particularly in tracks like Sebo K’s “Moved,” featuring Prosumer, and that’s the vibe that Sebo K explores on Back Up Vol. 01.

Rich with resonant strings, pumping keys and unforgettable vocals, the mix deftly bridges the worlds of European techno and classic, Afro-American house music. With attention-grabbing cuts like Efdemin’s “Just a Track,” Ray Valioso’s “Got the Strings” and Larry Heard Presents Mr. White’s heartrending “The Sun Can’t Compare” scattered throughout, the mix jumps from peak to emotional peak, using more psychotropic transitions like Minilogue’s “Elephant Parade” or GummiHz’s “Isolate (Sebo K Remix)” as wormholes to shuttle you through the depths.

Back Up Vol. 1 confirms Sebo K’s reputation as a selector of the first order, and it’s just the beginning of what looks to be a very good year for him. He’s recently remixed Martin Landsky (Poker Flat), King Roc (Simple) and John Dahlbäck (Systematic), on top of his many productions and remixes within the mobilee family, and Sebo K’s cuts continue to find their way into mix after mix, including DJ Hell’s Misch Masch and Richie Hawtin’s Mixmag cover-mount CD. His single “Transit,” produced with his frequent collaborator Metro, marks his debut on Berlin’s highly regarded Get Physical imprint. Back up, get down, move forward (with power!): Sebo K is going places.

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