Far Out

mobilee032 - Sebo K - Far Out
Sebo K
10 Dec 2007

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Just in time for the holidays, Mobilee has a very special treat in store: a one-sided, limitededition single from Sebo K, who makes his triumphant return to the label after a busy few months that helped cement 2007 as his breakout year, thanks to his appearance behind the decks on Back Up Vol. 01, Mobilee’s first mix CD, as well as an acclaimed single for Get Physical and a remix of Efdemin’s classic “Lohn & Brot” for Liebe Detail Spezial.

“Far Out” is just that: a track that goes the distance, but without pretension or unnecessary fanfare. More understated than your typical anthem, it cruises in stealth mode, winding a refined, percussive groove ever tighter, threaded onto a pattern of needle-nosed toms that glides almost unnoticed under your skin. Unnoticed, that is, until the track’s main riff comes crashing down like an awning full of icicles, sharp and cold and heavy.

But Sebo K’s sense of restraint is such that he never beats us over the head with it, so to speak. Instead he lets the groove spiral on, tightening it as he goes and whipping up chilly little sinewave twisters along the way. You can leave your mittens at home, though, because there’s enough heat in the rolling bass line to keep you warm all winter long. On the flipside, Mobilee has another surprise to round out the package: an exclusive artwork designed by Paul Snowden, the mastermind behind the infamous “Wasted German Youth” and “Minimal My Ass” campaigns. His one-off design is a reminder that vinyl will always rule.

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