mobilee007 - Sebo K - Horizons
mobilee007 - Sebo K - Horizons
Sebo K
20 Feb 2006

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€6.00 Vinyl

mobilee presents new stuff from Sebo K. With his first release in 2006 he opens up a new horizon for the mobilee sound lab. Sebo K´s releases so far have always reached next steps and has been groundbreaking. Sebo K is responsible for the most successful mobilee release „Rancho Relaxo“ in collaboration with Anja Schneider. Be prepared for HORIZONS and MOVED FEAT. PROSUMER. Some more powerful tracks from Berlin´s finest Sebo K.

HORIZONS is a straight forward goin´up groove monster with a perfect arrangement. Just plug and play!

MOVED FEAT. PROSUMER shows another side of Sebo K´s creativity. With the lyrics and vocals of PROSUMER he created a deep and seducing house tune. It reminds us a little bit to what, again? We waited to long for a contemporary re-interpretation of dubby sounds! A new sound colour for mobilee and a helpful track for the sexy dj´s of you. Summer season is starting now!

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