Mr. Duke

mobilee080 - Sebo K - Mr. Duke
Sebo K
6 Jun 2011

Available on

It would be very tough to dispute the phrases good things come to those who wait or less is more when talking about the impeccable standard of Sebo Ks productions over the years. Looking back at the very first mobilee Too Hot, and other hit releases such as Diva and Spirits, as well as a collection of remixes on some of the most respected labels he is given name in any serious house music collectors bag and now we have another wax to add!

Mr.Duke is nothing short of a Summer anthem....opening with a delicately constructed rhythm pattern that eventually makes way for beautiful synths that build and lift your hands in the air with them. It warms you up just as the sun does, re-appearing from behind a loud and covering your body in its rays. Summer and Sebo K the perfect combination.

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