mobilee060 - Sebo K - Spirits
mobilee060 - Sebo K - Spirits
Sebo K
30 Nov 2009

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€6.00 Vinyl 12"

Sebo K's last release on mobilee, Diva, was a hit, and one of mobilee´s most popular tracks in 2008. Since then he's primarily stayed under the radar, popping up only momentarily to release a track on Cecille in July of 2009. With his new release Spirits, Sebo returns not only to mobilee but also to the sonic tropes that propelled him to success in the first place.

Undulating melodics that stretch like rubber bands, a funky bass line, and a jacking house beat: within the first few seconds of hearing "Spirits" one immediately recognizes the slew of sounds with which Sebo K made his name. The track takes its time to build as well, riding the groove for a bit before bringing a singular, high pitched note into the picture. As it continually gains momentum and rises in intensity, the captivating sounds of a piano arrive, adding yet another layer of familiar and hypnotic melody. All the track's components merge seamlessly, with percussive accents here and there until staccato strings make a dramatic entrance, fluttering and dialogue with the rest of the track's components. By the end of the track, the piano has gotten back in the driver's seat, steering the track along it´s course.

The "Drum Version" builds off the vintage house sounds of the A-side but substitutes extensive percussion from Max Moya for the strings and piano.

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