Leena016 - Solomun - Sisi
7 Jun 2010

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Coming from the heart of Bosnia, Solumun is a passionate DJ who certainly knows how to please a crowd and keep the energy on the floor. Equally as talented and creative in the studio, he has many releases to his name on his own label Diynamic, as well as other imprints such as Four:Twenty, liebe*detail and Dessous recordings. Made for the dancefloor, his productions always have an element of funk or surprise, reminding people of the fun that's there to be had with music. As a label with many close ties to mobilee records, Diynamic will be co-hosting a party at mobilee's Sonar 2010 celebrations, which makes it even more fitting that this release brings the two forces more closely together.

Solomun's next big bang, being brought to you via Leena music, is a sure extension of his impeccable production skills and style, and is also one of the most unique releases you will here on the label so far. A-side 'Sisi' opens with a head-spinning explosion of notes and chords, being fired out like sparks in a continual loop. Then half way through the record, they dramatically stop, only to soon build up again and set the roller coaster off once more. B-side 'Talk To The Hand' is a bass-heavy and punchy track, that surprises you with euphoric piano chords in the second half, whilst B2 'Curesto' brings all of the elements together with piano chords, build-ups and some drama. Look out for the digital exclusive Drum Dub Mix of Sisi ... enjoy!

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