One Night

leena027 - TAPESH & MAXIMILJAN - One Night
7 Jan 2013

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The Tapesh & Maximiljan outfit has proven to be a successful combination as their last 6-track EP, "When We Were Young" (Noir Music) swooned not just a few labels in the Berlin Electro circuit.

Their unique approach to deep house has been recognized and highly supported by the likes of Get Physical, Suara, Rebirth, Souvenir and now Leena Music has finally gotten their hands on this talented duo. Stemming from the Dusseldorf scene, Tapesh & Maximiljan have paved their way to success through hard-cranked productions and deep flared beats. Filling up venues in in London, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Dubai and all over Germany, the duo manage their time to please.

One Night is a 3-part deep house EP with intense vocals making for a loungy afterhour feel. The first track seduces the listener at a comfortable level as the second track prepares for the full blown dance vibe of This Is that will sweep weary bodies under the rotating lights.

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