leena032 - Timo Garcia - Hypnotic
Timo Garcia
9 Dec 2013

Available on

It's Timo Garcia's turn on the unrestrained sub label of Mobilee - Leena Music. Having recently been exploring a downtempo direction under his 'T_Mo' alias, this release on Leena kicks the doors down to announce Timo Garcia's return to the limelight.

Wasting no time to set the tone, 'Hypnotic' races out appearing to head for the big rooms that Timo is known for. However, a drone voice hints that not all is what it seems - a low frequency oscillation slams down and at once you're transported back to a 90s Leeds warehouse rave that reveals Timo's true roots.

'Zoot' is twisted house at its best. Taut drums provide a solid foundation whilst echoing pulses call and respond like submarine radar pings. A longing saxaphone and distant piano keys add emotive colour, but it's the bait-and-switch of basslines that will turn heads and move bodies.

'Ode to Chicago' triggers a million memories from Chicago and beyond. The jackhammer kickdrum, trancey lead synth, fluttering claps and majestic pads somehow flick an automatic switch in your mind to your first important moment with dance music and the seratonin release that changed you forever. Simple elements combine to create something universal.

Three tracks that represent flashpoints in underground dance music - this is a standout release in Timo Garcia's impressive discography.


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