mobilee back to back vol. 4 - presented by And.Id

mobileeCD009 - Various Artists - mobilee back to back vol. 4 - presented by And.Id
Various Artists
1 Jan 2010

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mobilee's Back to Back compilation series has evolved significantly since its inception, with the second disc of each compilation presenting a unique take on mobilee's music. Back to Back Volume Four, compiled and performed by and B.A.N.D., continues this evolution with a two-disc extravaganza that is unlike anything you've ever heard before. While Disc 1 compiles highlights from mobilee's discography over the past year, Disc 2 consists of jazz interpretations of classic mobilee tracks, all of which have been painstakingly recorded, arranged, and re-edited by These refreshing takes on some of mobilee's best tracks over the years were recorded during live studio sessions with jazz musicians, whose use of real instruments in performing mobilee tracks—not to mention mixing and arranging—breathes new life into these time-tested anthems.

Alongside this compilation release, has also produced an exclusive live mix featuring his recent and also unreleased productions and edits. This exclusive mix is a perfect presentation of his live show which he is performing in clubs all around the world and it is only available to purchasers of the release via a free digital download code that comes with the CD.

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